Provincie Noord-Holland
Stad Wijk aan Zee
Locatie Hotel Zeecroft Zeecroft 19-21 1949 BK Wijk aan Zee


Speelsoort Normaalschaak
Speeltempo -Geen tempo-


Startdatum 26-01-2019
Einddatum 26-01-2019



17:00 uur


Bond KNSB / Overig
Club -Geen-

Yochanan Afek

Tel. Nr.
Homepage http://


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Voor FIDE rating? Nee


The tenth international ARVES Study Solving Day will be held on Saturday, January 26th 2019 in Hotel Zeecroft address: Zeecroft 19-21 1949 BK Wijk aan Zee, Nederland http://www.zeecroft.nl/ [5 minutes walk from De Moriaan; 3 minutes walk from the central bus stop in Julianaplein]
Chief Arbiter: Luc Palmans

Schedule: 10:30 -11:00 Registrations
11: 15 Official opening
11:15- 14: 15 International Open Solving Competition of original studies.

Prizes: 1st Pr: 250 Euros; 2nd Pr: 150 Euros; 3rd Pr: 100 Euros
Courtesy Mr. Jurgen Stigter- former chairman of ARVES
Study book prizes. Special prizes will be awarded to the best newcomers and youth solvers.

14.30-16.30: Watching the world’s most famous chess tournament with live
expert commentary.

16.30: Announcing the preliminary results. – 17.00: Prize giving.

Entry fee: 15 Euros; juniors (u-20) 10 Euros; GMs and IMs – free. For further details and registration please write to Yochanan Afek: afekchess @ gmail.com
before January 21st 2019 as the number of participants is limited.

Past winners: 2009: GM Twan Burg; 2010: GM John Nunn 2012: IM David Klein 2013: GM John Nunn; 2014: IM Joost Michielsen; 2015: FM Wouter van Rijn; 2016: GM Twan Burg; 2017: GM Twan Burg; 2018: GM Twan Burg.

The Dutch section of the International Solving Championship 2019 (for problems & studies) will be held in the same venue on Sunday, January 27th 2019 from 10.30 and is open to all. Organizer is Hans Uitenbroek; e-mail address: [email protected].